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MBC Share Groups mission is to help our members work smarter not harder by delivering opportunities for CPG companies to collaborate, benchmark, and problem solve with their industry peers


We are planning to host our Spring 2022 meetings live and in person, however MBC carefully follows CDC recommendations and will pivot to a hybrid or remote event as needed.


Just like most meetings these days the MBC share group has also gone virtual. I personally have really enjoyed the shift to virtual and still felt that I received just as much out of the group. I appreciate being a part of a group that I can share ideas, ask for feedback and leave the meeting feeling like I’ve learned something new to share with my team.

Jeni Path - Silver Spring Foods, Inc.

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MBC Share Groups developed organically to accommodate a growing need for efficient and meaningful networking in the consumer product goods, grocery and food service industries. MBC originally provided traditional business management and development consulting services until acquiring two Share Groups in 2003. Beginning in 2004 MBC shifted to a specialized focus in development and management of CPG Share Groups.


MBC’s Share Groups are semiannual and are professionally facilitated by our MBC Facilitators to ensure a secure and productive meeting. Share Group Members submit their input to shape their meeting agenda.
Members have access to MBC’s Survey Program year-round to seek out advice from and collaborate with their peers. Facilitators manage our survey program to ensure feedback is carefully organized and focused on member needs.
MBC’s News & Reports program ensures that our members receive breaking news first, and stay up to date on industry trends with a variety of reports and summaries. MBC Share Group Membership helps you get answers you can trust.

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At MBC, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations and providing long-term value to our clients and their organizations. Our client centric focus has fueled our growth from 2 original groups with 20 clients to 28 Share Groups, over 140 companies and over 370 primary client contacts in 14 years. 95% of new Share Group members maintain ongoing membership because they see value and benefits from engagement.


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Palermo's Pizza

I have been involved with the MBC share group for 4 years now and after every meeting I walk away with more knowledge than what I went in with.  The meetings are very beneficial, but even more so are the email communications that you receive on a daily/weekly basis in regards to latest news, trends and updates on retailers across the U.S..   We all have the struggles and this is a great resource to help solve those!


T. Marzetti

The MBC Share Groups provide me with invaluable viewpoints to the same customers and issues that I face in managing our private label business across the country. It is extremely helpful to have well respected professionals in our industry in a forum for open discussion of real problems


PL Developments

I have attended Mike’s Sales & Marketing Share Group for the past two years and I have found it a valuable way to stay informed of the latest industry and customer information and trends. The diversity of the group and the facilitation provided by Mike allow for an open a free flowing exchange of ideas and possible directions the member firms can take to compete and win in the marketplace. It also provides an additional networking opportunity that pays dividends for those who choose to use each other as resources for help and information in between the actual Share Group sessions. I have found Mike’s group to be both professionally and personally valuable.


Rockline Industries

I find good value in both my time and money in participating in the MBC Share Groups. The meetings are a good format to exchange best practice ideas and share industry trends and benchmarking. Mike Brouillard is also a well versed and knowledgeable GPG facilitator. He is well rounded and understands all facets of the business. Since we meet twice per year, I also find value in all the industry updates and tidbits that Mike shares frequently between meetings.



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